Mary Gorniak Music For Churches

Music For Churches

Concerts of soothing and uplifting music combined with readings from the Bible are available in any Christian church setting.

These concerts can be tailored to your needs and could happily sit alongside prayer and ministry.



"When I hear Mary playing her flute, interspersed with the message of scripture, I get a glimpse of heaven, it's meaning and glory"



"Mary's meditation & flute playing is so calming & really brings one into the very presence of God" 



"The professional skills that Mary uses when playing her flute, sharing biblical truths and readings take you nearer to God and washes you in His love" 

For further information or to make a booking

  Contact Mary Here or call 01428 652306 or 07733 482890 

Haslemere - Surrey - UK

Mary Gorniak Flute & Piccolo